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We put our fingers on the button

Surf, model, and shoot – yeah, yeah, and yeah. Talented? Maybe, a little…


Kassia Meador and few other amazing women photographers drew in quite the crowd to West Hollywood’s New Art Image Gallery for the opening night of, “Put Your Finger On The Button.” A good mix of local Hollywood, artists and Southern California Kassia supporters were among the crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was packed – this speaks volumes to the talent that was displayed.


Kassia was hard to track down, bouncing from fans, family and friends, but I finally found her, briefly.  Her displayed work was a collection of her recent travels within the last 6 months.  She’s lucky to travel to some rad places, but not all who are lucky enough to travel as much as her, can capture the moment like she can.   Kassia has a creative eye, or maybe she’s just wearing the right shades.


If you are in the area be sure to stop by the New Image Art Gallery.  Alex Prager, a personal favorite of mine, is also featured. It’s worth the stop in, that’s for sure. Yeah, yeah, and yeah!

Words/Photos by Kristen Conahan.

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