Each year, we partner with nonprofits to give back and raise awareness for their causes. And this year, we’re thrilled to work with the Gudauskas brothers and their foundation, Positive Vibe Warriors–a nonprofit dedicated to more equality, empowerment, and safety in the surf. As a brand with the ocean flowing through our DNA, this partnership couldn’t be a better fit, and it helps further our commitment to making positive change in and out of the water.

For this partnership, we created a special collection of frames in which we’ll donate $10 from each purchase to Positive Vibe Warriors. Through this special give back program, you can help spread some good vibes while making the waves more accessible to everyone.

“PVW has been the most incredible vehicle for my brothers and I to connect with ocean goers around the world. Trying our best to help in any way we can. It means so much to us because it honors the support and learning we got from friends and mentors along the way though our surf careers and strengthens the community of surfing through actions of help for today and the future.” - Tanner Gudauskas

Images by Zak Bush and Jack Antal.
What was the catalyst that sparked the desire for you guys to start PVW?
Tanner: I was traveling alone at the time and having a hard time clicking. I was feeling down and so Dane did this really sweet piece of art on one of my boards and at the very bottom it had ‘positive warriors’ on it and three little stick figures and it was a part of this bigger design. It was his way of saying like ‘hey the three of us are still together, just be where you’re at’. It became like a mantra against this negative thing that you’re feeling, and it was really helpful. So after that we started messing around with it and ended up making sweatpants and gave them to all our friends for Christmas with a message of ‘hey if you’re ever needing a little lift just throw on these on’ and it ended up being so contagious. It helped lift the spirits for sure.

We had no idea what would come from it. We ended up running a kids surf contest here in San Clemente and we were donating the money right back to the junior lifeguards so that more kids could join JG’s and go get swim lessons. So we started a foundation called the Positive Vibe Warriors.

“... It became like a mantra against this negative thing that you’re feeling, and it was really helpful.”
Four or five years later we took a trip to Jamaica and realized we wanted to help the incredible surfing community there and that’s when we started the first board drive. The surfboard drives eventually turned into the vision that PVW is today which is helping emerging surf communities with supplies, opening doors of communication, and spreading awareness. Fast forward 10 years and now we are doing the soft boards and just having so much fun with it.

Dane: When we would go visit these emerging surf communities and get them in the water, the first board they would always reach for were softboards. We recognized that and wanted to contribute not just in those communities but in ours as well; having an access point to bring people together around the ocean. Sharing the ocean is one of the most meaningful things that we feel we can contribute.

Pat: Yeah it really started as a state of mind to lift Tanner up and it’s cool that it resonates with so many people. It has all really come full circle with all our journeys. We want to have a hand in that experience of introducing kids or anyone to the ocean and give them an understanding of surf culture in a good way and provide equipment that will make that experience fun and safe.
What are some big dreams for the future of PVW?
Dane: Just to learn new skills and keep evolving and growing, especially on the business side of things. Surfing is just the access point for learning about yourself and about life. This is a new chapter in the journey and I hope there’s no limits. I just want to bring people together and have their entry point into the ocean be enjoyable.

Pat: I’d like to see us be able to build the equipment and infrastructure so that the PVW community can seamlessly exist all around the world.

Tanner: We just want to help surfing and foster surf culture. And we take it pretty seriously because it's been great to us. It's such a cool opportunity and we're having so much fun with it. My hope is that we always keep it as a family brand, no matter what happens.