Catching Up With Tanner
Born and raised in the surf mecca of San Clemente, California, with a world of surf breaks and sunshine at his fingertips, Ambassador Tanner Gudauskas has the ocean practically running through his veins. He grew up in a family of talented surfers, consistently surrounded by SoCal surf royalty and honing his skills in competitions around the world. He’s freakishly talented, impossibly kind, and embodies everything we love and believe in here at RAEN.

Positive Vibe Warriors
Now, with his competition days behind him, you’ll find him floating around in lineups with a huge smile on his face and a range of obscure surfboards under his arm. Instead of chasing points on tour, he’s turned his focus to giving back to the surf community through his foundation, Positive Vibe Warriors, which works to support youth water safety programs and emerging surf cultures in communities around the globe.

He’s spreading stoke and supplying boards to communities in Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica (just to name a few). He’s also helping support JUJU Surf, the foundation created by fellow Ambassador Mikey February.
Signature Myles Frame
We caught up with Tanner to see what he’s been up to and talk more about the special-edition Myles frame he created with us - where a portion of each sale goes back to his foundation. For this frame, we worked with Tanner to create sunglasses that perfectly embody his outlook on life.

The frame itself is created from a recycled acetate that’s lightweight and environmentally friendly - which is extra important to Positive Vibe Warriors as they make their soft top boards out of a recycled foam construction. The rose lenses add a splash of contrast and brightness, helping to lift your spirits and bring a dose of happiness to any occasion. We finished the frame off with a Positive Vibe Warriors logo on the inside temple and limited-edition packaging designed by Tanner himself. The final result is a classic, signature look that just feels good.
In celebration of this new frame, we’re giving away three Positive Vibe Warriors soft top surfboards. These ultra-fun boards are crafted for optimal rideability with a Copolymer foam that’s durable and perfect for riders of any level. Just click the link below to enter for your chance to win. Also make sure to grab a pair of Tanner’s signature Myles frames, as a portion of the sales will help Positive Vibe Warriors spread their message and share the power of the ocean in a pure, more meaningful way.
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