RAEN Ambassadors Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson and Ford Archbold south of the border #throughtheyes of Dane Peterson.

We’re flying. Were like the Rolling Stones. Women, booze, drugs and our freedom. The countdown to Mainland Mexico. In a mad rush, racing out of a gig that nobody wants to leave. In hopes of making a flight to fulfill our over glorified dream jobs that have us covered in salt crystals and sun kissed lips.

The asphalt is sizzling past, Al is thundering down the 105, I can feel the rubber spinning under my feet amongst a mountain of swaying boards, humans, and alcohol.

I’m anal retenative. I like to be punctual, or even better yet, ahead of schedule. I get comfort in knowing I’m on time and my gear is on board. But this is the total and complete opposite of that. And surprising I’m really fucking enjoying it.

Time passes, life moves forward, but not at this pace. Is this normal? What’s normal? Fast, fast, fast, go, go, go. It’s all zooming and wizzing past like nothing I’ve ever known. Then BANG!!! Shits just gone and gotten really still… Staring at the shattered and mildew riddled yellow tiles on the wall, I finally have a moment to take a breath. Too bad it was here in this shitty Mexican strip club urinal.

- Dane Peterson

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