Ambassador Margaux Arramon-tucco is a surfer and artist who knows how to live the good life. Whether she’s riding waves in Biarritz or snapping photos amidst her many travels, Margaux has an effortless style that epitomizes laid-back French cool. Take a minute to get to know Margaux and enjoy a day in her life, shot through the eyes of photographer Carles Medina.

How long have you been connected with RAEN? 

It’s been 10 years since I first got introduced to Raen in California.

“Margaux Arramon-tucco


What’s your ideal day at home in Biarritz? 

I need to be active and productive during my days, so I would say a bit of work in the morning and surf in the afternoon is the perfect match. 

Favorite RAEN frame at the moment? 

These days I have been wearing the Blondie in Brut and Blue Gradient every day!


“Margaux Arramon-tucco


Tell us a bit about your photography. How would you describe your style? 

I always paid attention to details, but this time I wanted to capture them. I started kind of fine art abstract photography. I only use film, and now I want to shoot people more and more but I feel like keeping my own style is super important nowadays, so I am still very shy about it.

Check out more @margause and @_carlesmedina

“Margaux Arramon-tucco




“Margaux Arramon-tucco




“Margaux Arramon-tucco
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