A tremendous amount of love and detail goes into the process that makes every single frame RAEN. Balancing a perpetual state of creativity with exacting standards of quality, our process is infused with the philosophy that it’s worth doing everything by hand:
Designed in our California studio, we specialize in modern reinventions of Mid-Century, vintage styles. We are inspired by the ocean and fresh air, art and architecture, and Southern California lifestyle. Our frames are timeless pieces of exceptional quality and style for your collection.
We generate custom acetate combinations each season that are unique to our collection. All combinations are applied to thin, flat sheets of acetate and then cut with a computer-controlled router based on the AutoCAD renderings created by our RAEN design staff.
Milling & Polishing
Each individual frame component is outfitted with its hardware by a highly trained technician. The frames are then “formed” and checked with a micrometer at tolerances of one-hundredth of an inch. Next, our frames are tumbled in wood chips and small stones for about 12 hours for a luxurious polish. Finally, the final details of each frame are added by hand and then buffed using a polishing wheel to ensure longer lasting luster.
Final Assembly
During final assembly, technicians fasten arms to each frame with spring or five-barrel hinges and self-sinking/locking screws for a secure, effortless fit. All of our lenses are manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, completing the process that makes every single frame RAEN.
To learn more about our unique process, watch below.