A week in Noosa: through the eyes of Dane Peterson


Dane Peterson kicks ass… with his camera and quite possibly without.  While Kassia and Alex have been in Australia the last few weeks he’s been there snapping away.  Here are some shots and some comments from Dane on the past week’s events.  The PG-13 version.  Enjoy.




“We pretty much just hunkered down in Noosa as the cyclone was sitting just off the coast.”
“We were getting hammered by rain and winds but the surf was soooo fun everyone still wanted to hang around town to surf, watch the event, and catch up with old mates.”




“Plenty of beers were drunk at the surf club, and a few parties were had to curb the boredom due to the weather. All in all it was a fun week and we made the most of what we could, given the conditions at hand.”




All photos by Dane Peterson.

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