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Washed Ashore

Reminiscent of the distressed minerals and stones left behind by tidal shifts, the Washed Ashore Collection provides an organic twist to a handful of your favorite modern classic shilouettes. The collection entails staple styles updated with a Matte Crystal / Matte Pebble combo, a color aesthetic much like that of white wash rolling across a shoreline of cobblestones, or a Matte Seaglass / Matte Rootbeer combo, much like that of old glass bottles that have drifted the ocean for years on end; washed ashore by the gravitational pull of the moon for the comfort of your eyes in the sun. All of the frames featured in the Washed Ashore Collection feature Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision.

thumbnail.jpg _DSC7907.jpg _DSC8164.jpg UV8A2574.jpg _DSC8220.jpg _DSC8327.jpg UV8A2966.jpg _DSC8233.jpg