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Thomas Campbell interview with Slap Magazine

If there was ever a prime example of how growing up a skater can send you down a truly creative path in life, Thomas Campbell would certainly be a candidate. All the elements that skateboarding combines- the act of rolling itself, the art, the music, the sideways takes on all that surround you- those things bubble and brew in his blood before being unleashed through his hands and eyes, and his skateboard soup is second to none. From painting to photography to movies, to board graphics for everybody from Zero to Stereo, to editing skate mags, to putting out music for guys like Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee, Thomas has taken the influence of skateboarding to the far reaches of the planet, spreading the word while garnering attention and applause for his work as an internationally celebrated artist. An excellent guy who puts his heart into it, Thomas deserves a moment of your time, so check out this interview on many topics plus a ton of recent work. Don’t miss the video at the end, showing how Thomas puts it all together.


For the complete audio/video interview head over to Slap’s website by clicking here.