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The Mattson 2 back in the studio: Through the eyes of Thomas Campbell

The Mattson 2 have been in the studio recording their new album in San Francisco.  Here is an update and some photos from Thomas Campbell (who is also producing the album).  We can’t wait to hear this.


“ummmmm yeah,,,last month,,,the mattson’s and i (producing) got back in the studio to start recording there new record with monte vallier at ruminator studio in san francisco,,, things went swimmingly,, aakaash israni there main stand up bass master came from paris where he is studying to lay down some sweat lines,,, ray barbee and tommy guerrero were by to ad some guitar and bass respectively,,,along with a whole host of string ,piano,and horn players…..the movement of this record is far more mature and developed than any previous mattson recordings,,,there are some great compositions ,,,one of the 5 tracks we got this time around had i think some 56 tracks,,,with guitar layering,strings,horns,multiple drum tracks,,,,,sounds really cool,,,,almost kind of new wavey at points,,,,,,so i think we will be back in the studio in may,,,to finish up,,this untitled record will probably be out on galaxia records towards the end of the year in the u.s. and in the fall in japan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stay tuned,,,,,yar”