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The Cuba Time Machine

If you woke up in the streets of Cuba, you’d think you took a time machine back to the 60’s. Time basically froze due to the embargo the United States imposed on Cuba in the 60’s putting a halt to most trade between the countries. Today their streets are filled with classic cars and buildings that look like they could be abandoned. In January 2015 trade and travel restrictions between Cuba and the U.S. were loosened with the possibility of tourism travel in the near future…

Our good friend travelled to Havana and Varadero, Cuba to capture the environment and culture before it becomes another U.S. tourist destination. This is Cuba #ThroughTheEyes of Brooke Frederick. | @bafetus

cuba_main.jpg cuba_08.jpg cuba_03.jpg cuba_01.jpg cuba_02.jpg cuba_04.jpg cuba_05.jpg cuba_07.jpg