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Style Feature: Eric Ruhle of WeSC

At RAEN we really appreciate good style and decided to dedicate a few posts a month to exploring the minds of the people who flawlessly bring it all together and find out a little bit more about the inspiration behind their choices. We figured if we noticed, we were probably not the first and definitely will not be the last. Some people just know how to rock it. Meet Eric Ruhle—our good friend and the man rocking and running one of the best brands around right now, WeSC.


To say he’s well traveled is an understatement. From a brief stint at CNN, to a local San Diego bartender, to Italy to study design, Ruhle eventually found himself back where he started in Los Angeles as the general manager for WeSC United States. Not exactly the most linear path, but it’s a great story of someone following their heart and ending up exactly where they were supposed to. And let’s not forget stylishly having a great time living and learning along the way.


If you know Ruhle, you know his style stands out. We spent some time with him at his home in Venice, CA, before heading out to an Alex Prager photography show. Eric runs with a really solid crew who roll through LA in style—good times always being had.


Here’s the interview. Enjoy.


You’re always rocking something good including the RAEN Novals. Yes, we noticed. There are a lot of sunglasses out there why ours?

Ruhle: From a design perspective, I like that they’re minimalistic with subtle details. Quality. Their marketing seems the same – very in tune with the design, I like that, less is more. More importantly, I like their crew. Everyone seems humble, good people, just like the Superlative Conspiracy.

How would you best describe your personal style?

Ruhle: Minimalistic with subtle details. I’m sounding like a broken record.

What are you wearing today? The latest and greatest from WeSC and what else? Give us the head to toe breakdown.

Hat—heather grey Neff beanie (super soft).

Top—a black 10 year Superlative Anniversary crew neck sweatshirt called the Janne (pronounced “yawn-nay”). I love this guy. All black with perfect leather patches on the shoulders.


Pants—WeSC “half selvage” raw stretch denim in a fit called the Kevlin. It’s an anti fit. At the end of ’06 we did half selvage jeans, so literally, one side of the pant is selvage with the We selvage lining on inner seam and pack pocket and the other leg is normal. Probably washed them 3 times since I got them…


Shoes—black Pro Keds

You were born and raised in LA, travel often to NYC, Sweden and other tropical spots to surf (am I missing anywhere?) What place has had the most influence on your style?

Ruhle: Definitely living in Europe. That changed my whole being.

Do you have a favorite surf spot?

Ruhle: If it’s working right, Scripps. If I have the time, Blacks.

What do you think is the most influential decade in the past 100 years with regards to the styles we are seeing today?

Ruhle: Thin is still in, seems as if coke is still alive and kicking, seeing bold colors and patterns for spring, and the Lakers are still world champs… so I’ll say the 80′s.

If you were not running WeSC in the USA, what would you be doing?

Ruhle: Importer/Exporter living in Bali or owning a business with friends.

If you played baseball for the Dodgers… what song you would have playing as you walk up to bat?

Ruhle: SpottieOttieDopaliscious by OutKast.



Has design and photography always been a big influence in your life?

Ruhle: It’s always inspired me, but I went to design school in Italy and found out I sucked at it.  I love Alex Prager’s photography.

What should we look forward to this season for WeSC?

Ruhle: I’ll say….the graphics.  The design team put out some exceptional graphics, and definitely more of the fashion headphones.

At RAEN we love the design process, what are the main inspirations behind your style and WeSC?

Ruhle: For me, my friend Amber.  For WeSC, it’s unpredictability.

Got any shout outs?

Ruhle: Venice, CA, the Factory…RIP, Sage Vaughn art, Jeff Hastings art, Go Lakers, oh, and my folks, Rog and Liz!


Interview + photos by Kristen Conahan.


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