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Stayed out Past the Morning

Intimacy is more than just a word; more than just a feeling. It is to be close with oneself, with another, or with a thought. And in this day and age we often do not learn to appreciate this anymore. Whether it be the influx of social media, the amount of group work we are pressed with in grade school, or the overpopulated world of humans we face upon leaving our home, it has become quite the task to get far enough away for a moment with yourself.. or with another. However, there is a glimpse of light for those who search harder for the intimacy they desire; there is seclusion to be found. Hidden trails and pathways do exist. And they will lead you to places where intimacy runs wild; where two souls may dance freely, for nobody is watching. Upon finding these places we find it even harder to leave. We decide to stay here all day and all night and way past the morning. The following photos taken by Anais and Dax capture the intimacy of the sea.. with your lover.. without another soul in sight. Featuring the Flowers in Champagne Crystal and the Archar in Stout.... Escape.

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