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She Had Her Drink in Her Hand, She Had Her Toes in the Sand

Foxy photographer Jenavieve Belair recently set voyage south of the border to the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas. On top of soaking in all that Cabo has to offer whilst avoiding as many distractions as possible, Jenavieve captured the Remmy and Castor in their intended environment.. on the go and in the sun. Enjoy the following photos and remember to keep your eyes protected over Spring Break.  

RAEN_Cabo_Jena_Marquee.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_1.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_2.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_3.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_4.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_5.jpg RAEn_Cabo_Jena_6.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_7.jpg RAEN_Cabo_Jena_8.jpg RAEn_Cabo_Jena_9.jpg