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RAEN Presents Free Jazz Vein San Diego Premiere

RAEN Presents Free Jazz Vein San Diego Premier at the La Paloma Theatre on Friday June 16th, 2017.

Location: La Paloma Theatre
Date: Friday June 16th
Show Times: 7PM & 9PM

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Free Jazz Vein Official Trailer

Argentine born and bred, New York based surfer and filmmaker Tin Ojeda has a new movie coming out this winter, and we’re beside ourselves stoked to see what he has in store this time. Free Jazz Vein follows in the experimental footsteps of his previous works like Kook Paradise, Daughter, and Expensive Porno Movie. Much like Expensive Porno Movie, this entire film was done on 16mm, giving it particular vibe and quality that lends itself masterfully to his aesthetic inclinations.

Free Jazz Vein features a whole slew of folks from the RAEN fam like: Alex Knost, Kassia Meador, Dane Peterson, and Mikey DeTemple.