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Mes Dames Art Show Re-cap

Last Friday we held an art show at Univ with our team ambassador Margaux Arramon-tucco. Manual Caro mixed up some sweet tunes which led into an after hour dance party. Good times with good people.

MARQUEE.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-2-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-9-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-21-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-35-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-39-1024x638.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-54-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-58-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-60-1024x682.jpg JMARTIN_RAEN_MarShow-68-1024x682.jpg