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Groove Move Presented by Jack Coleman

RAEN Ambassador Jack Coleman premiered his latest flick "Groove Move" last week at Newport's Lido Theater presented by Blisss magazine. The movie was full of psychadelic 60's flashbacks and was full of RAEN ambassador love. All photos taken by the lovely Jenavieve Belair

Shot in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, & California:

GROOVE MOVE - (surf film trailer) from Jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Groove Moove Marquee.jpg UV8A5735.jpg UV8A5741.jpg UV8A5743.jpg UV8A5750.jpg UV8A5754.jpg UV8A5760.jpg UV8A5766.jpg UV8A5770.jpg UV8A5771.jpg UV8A5774.jpg UV8A5778.jpg UV8A5781.jpg UV8A5784.jpg UV8A5789.jpg UV8A5792.jpg UV8A5797.jpg UV8A5800-2.jpg UV8A5802.jpg UV8A5808.jpg UV8A5815.jpg UV8A5817.jpg