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Floating Above The City

There's nothing better than elevating oneself above the very fabrication that dictates the lives of so many. To be able to put such a place into perspective and realize how small it actually is in the grand scheme of things. This is a special feeling; needed from time to time when that overwhelmed feeling won't stop breathing down the back of your neck. RAEN photographer and ambassador Jenavieve Belair recently packed up her Costa Mesa abode and tossed all caution to the wind for a summer to be spent in Los Angeles, or better yet the City of Angels (& Demons). With such a good head on her shoulders and the work ethic of a prizefighter, we know that Jenavieve will crush the city. And when that feeling creeps its way back into her life she will already have an escape.. a higher grounds. The following photos were captured by Jenavieve as she recently voyaged up Laurel Canyon for a day of shooting and stopping to smell the roses while the masses of humans below plugged away in the machine. Enjoy.


Marquee_Jenna_sister.jpg UV8A0741.jpg UV8A0772.jpg UV8A0789.jpg UV8A0860.jpg UV8A0873.jpg UV8A0920-2.jpg UV8A1203.jpg UV8A1349-2.jpg