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Find The Perfect Fit

Want to find the perfect frames to fit your face? Follow the face shape guide below and if you haven't already yet, check out our filter's section on the site to help determine what frames are right for you. 

Marquee - Face Shape.jpg Square.jpg Frame_Breslin_Calico-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-05 copy.jpg Frame_Garwood_Froth-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-03 copy.jpg Round.jpg Frame_Pogue_Cider_Tortoise-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-04 copy.jpg Frame_Castor_Matte_Rootbeer_Silver-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-03.jpg oval.jpg Frame_Myer_Matte_Rootbeer-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-04 copy.jpg Frame_Duran_Brindle_Tortoise-RAEN_Sunglasses-Headshot-04.jpg