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Bing Launch Event

If you got there early, you got to dine with one of the best food trucks in town. If you got there a little later you were able to share drinks with Barçon and enter to win our raffle where one lucky guy walked away with a pair of the Remmys! All in all we would like to thank Bing for hosting such a lovely event and thank YOU for your amazing support and companionship. We met a lot of great people that night and hope to continue with our summer events!

marquee.jpg BINGxRAEN-063.jpg BINGxRAEN-016.jpg BINGxRAEN-017.jpg BINGxRAEN-040.jpg BINGxRAEN-056.jpg BINGxRAEN-082.jpg BINGxRAEN-104.jpg BINGxRAEN-092.jpg BINGxRAEN-108.jpg BINGxRAEN-110.jpg BINGxRAEN-116.jpg BINGxRAEN-025.jpg BINGxRAEN-128.jpg BINGxRAEN-136.jpg BINGxRAEN-140.jpg BINGxRAEN-142.jpg BINGxRAEN-148.jpg BINGxRAEN-143.jpg BINGxRAEN-149.jpg BINGxRAEN-144.jpg