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Available Now - The Varley Sunglass Collection

Varley taps a unique transitional tone that produces a fading crystal effect. This eclipse creates a look suitable for both men and women alike. Available in Remmy 52, Suko, Vale & Vista.

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#ThroughTheEyes of Woody Gooch and Michael Sterling Eaton

varley-main.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Danny_1.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Danny_2.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Danny_3.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Remmy52.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Suko.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Vale.jpg RAEN_Insta_Varley_Vista.jpg