RAEN is a classics-driven, boutique eyewear brand. We are designers determined to create only authentic, innovative optics that offer intrinsic value and timeless style. RAEN products are inspired by our own adventures and will inspire yours, be they close to home or far from shore.

If you’ve just purchased a pair of handmade RAEN Optics, you’ll find within these pages the details that make your eyewear oh-so-very special.


Move The Needle

At RAEN, we distill modern classics from vintage styles and beyond. Mid-Century cues, including architecture, furniture, and automobiles, are evident in each well-edited collection. Working with classic lines and shapes allow us to produce timeless optics that are always relevant, vibrant and inspired. See our mixed acetate and metal frames for a glimpse into this design direction.

This emphasis on design is reinforced by the materials we use to build our ideas. All RAEN frames are constructed with the highest quality zyl acetates and metals, and finished with market leading Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 lenses.


Considered Design and
Hand-tooled Eyewear

Each season we generate custom acetate combinations unique to our line. Every RAEN frame is hand-finished and much of our cutting is hand-guided. This means the difference between our high-end, hand-tooled frame vs. the cheap, injection mold frame is immediately evident, even to the untrained eye (or hand). Each cut, each screw, each flourish is informed by our original vision with nothing lost to a generic assembly line.


Precision Protection

All RAEN models are outfitted with Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 Lenses for optimum visual comfort and complete eye protection. Carl Zeiss is the global leader when it comes to the finest camera glass, precision microscope optics and more. The CR-39 sun lenses in RAEN models have superior optical properties and material pureness. They offer excellent quality of vision, subtle tints and a very light weight. Thanks to the use of top polarizing film and manufacturing expertise, Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 Polarized Lenses deliver advanced optical features, visual performance, and outstanding polarizing efficiency while ensuring eye comfort and a relaxed vision.


The Ace of Acetate

Zyl acetate is a high quality material originating from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers— both renewable resources. The material’s incredible color-fastness stems from the hue being embedded in the material rather than sprayed on. It has become the standard medium used in high fashion frames in part because the color never peels, yellows or fades. The result is a smooth, flawless product with the perfect weight. Petro-based, injection-mold nylon frames can never come close.


Studio Vision

After cutting, each RAEN frame is formed by hand to perfectly match its intended silhouette and then checked with a micrometer to tolerances of 1/100th of an inch. With our intricate designs and quiet detailing, we want to ensure that the original studio vision makes it onto your face. After forming, each frame is either hand polished on a wheel with jeweler-grade precision, imbuing luster that lasts, or is given a unique matte finish that brings out a whole other side to the material used.


Visual Acuity with Style

Our handmade frames allow any lens to be swapped out for a prescription lens, transforming your favorite style into customized Rx optics. Opticians always prefer to work with handmade frames and our acetate can be heated and molded to achieve a perfect fit for any face. Our core wire inserts also allow almost limitless fine-tuning.


No Rash Decisions

People with sensitive skin often experience allergic reactions to the lower quality metals (e.g. nickel) and plastics found in common eyewear. RAEN’s handmade acetate frames, stainless steel hardware and core wire are free of such materials. Stainless steel is also durable, corrosion resistant and our five barrel hinges ensure that your eyewear’s arms always swing smoothly. No rash. No trash.