April 14, 2017
For The Love Of Friday 04.14.17
A round-up of what’s stoked us this week on Instagram. From epic waves on the other side of the world, sunbathing babes, boards, dogs, road trips, outer space, and total mayhem. We’ve got our eye on the people that bring us the inspiration that feeds our brand: our ambassadors, families, friends, and our favorite freaks, they’re all here once a week.   I love RIHANNA @badgalriri in RAEN! Lux Wig By Alex Knost. #RAEN #KNOST A post shared by J U S T I N H E I T (@justinheit) onApr 10, 2017 at 4:42pm PDT We all heart Rihanna. She was spotted wearing white Flatscreen sunglasses. Luxury Wig is a collaboration with Alex Knost. Shop Flatscreen   Dancing into a new day. A post shared by Ben Osborne (@benosbornephoto) onApr 8, 2017 at 1:03pm PDT You put your
April 17, 2017
Rose Gold Sunglasses Now Available!
All that blushes and glitters is Rose Gold. It's a subtle blush, an early morning flush of cheeks, an afternoon buzz, kind of blush. The heated months to come mean more Rosé in every way, so we're introducing the Raleigh sunglasses in Rose Gold to accompany you on your summer excursions. Rose Gold is paired with Polished Rosé Acetate and Silver TRI-FLECTION™ Flash-Mirrored lenses. An understated luxury, more of a gift to yourself than a staple to your collection. Also available in Scripps and Benson. Shop Rose Gold Sunglasses
April 18, 2017
Beauty Beneath the Ruins
Words: Corina Barnick Photos: Corina Barnick & Adam Walker When it comes to Cuba, pretty much every assumption about the island country – its decaying buildings, vintage cars, rum and cigars – from what I can tell, are all true. But what you don’t hear about is how deeply beautiful the place is, or how special its people are — every single one of them with a story to tell. Some friends and I were fortunate enough to spend some time there earlier this year, taking advantage of the first available direct flights from LAX to Havana. It took less than five hours to arrive in the Caribbean but as soon as we landed, we felt like we had time-traveled. The sun was setting just as we stepped down the stairway from our plane into the hot, tropical tradewinds. A dog toyed
April 18, 2017
Authenticity with Legi Alonso
Words: Dustin Strong Photos: Jose Alberto Prieto Social media, and in larger terms the internet, has become the social norm for creating and branding one’s self in all aspects of culture. Surfing included. Instagram clips, web edits, and entire surf films being released online only and for little to no profit now dominate the industry. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to come across humble, talented surfers and artists who believe that there is value in creating content for core, dedicated, and like-minded people. This is especially true for us here at RAEN. We truly appreciate the kinds of people who embody this idea of authenticity. Our new friend from across the pond, Legi Alonso, represents this genuine idea of modesty in an industry controlled by 15 second Instagram cl
April 20, 2017
The Archives: Giovanni Angelone
Words: Dustin Strong Photos: Giovanni Angelone Where you’re coming from can be just as important as where you’re going. We recently had a chat with Giovanni Angelone on his life in Southern California, why he relocated from Texas, and why his parents are the most inspiring people in his life. If ever we were to take our days here in Southern California for granted, surely Gio could serve us up a good reminder and dose of perspective. His view on this place is just as refreshing as his publication, Waversons.  California by way of Texas. They say we never leave our roots behind us, how have they shaped your work and aesthetic? What have your brought to our sandy shores from Texas? Well I would say more than anything from Texas would probably be a work ethic type of a thing,
April 26, 2017
#HandmadeForToday Giveaway 4/26/17
RAEN is handmade and independent– driven by the horizons we seek. Designed in California we are undeniably influenced by the salt in the air and the lives we lead. And we want to see what makes up the life you lead: what inspires you, your travels, adventure, day to day spots, and what you're creating. We're giving away a pair of sunglasses every week for the best photos shared. Tag @raen #HandmadeForToday on Instagram and Twitter in your most inspiring and horizon chasing images for a chance at winning a pair. A new winner will be announced every Sunday, follow @raen to see the winners.  
April 21, 2017
For The Love Of Friday 4/21/17
A round-up of what’s stoked us this week on Instagram. From epic waves on the other side of the world, sunbathing babes, boards, dogs, road trips, outer space, and total mayhem. We’ve got our eye on the people that bring us the inspiration that feeds our brand: our ambassadors, families, friends, and our favorite freaks, they’re all here once a week.   I promise we were wearing helmets dad. A post shared by J E N A V I E V E B E L A I R (@jenavieve) onApr 13, 2017 at 11:53am PDT When the boys are away... the ladies will play.     When you make your room mate wish he had waited a little longer for a bigger wave ;) Photo: @harrymarkphoto #headdipholiday A post shared by Matt Cuddihy (@mattcuddihy) onApr 11, 2017 at 3:22pm PDT When a good wave spli
April 24, 2017
Potrero Available Now
The Potrero is a dress-me-up or dress-me-down sort of accessory, made for any sort of situation. They are inspired by the Nera, but have an entirely fresh execution: continuing the legacy of retro-round sunglasses with the tear shape we’ve all grown to love. Featuring handmade acetate set inside a coin-edged wire frame with an adjustable bridge.  Shop Potrero Sunglasses
April 07, 2017
For The Love Of Friday 4.07.17
A round-up of what’s stoked us this week on Instagram. From epic waves on the other side of the world, sunbathing babes, boards, dogs, road trips, outer space, and total mayhem. We’ve got our eye on the people that bring us the inspiratio
October 05, 2015
RAEN + Sun Diego Giveaway
RAEN + Sun Diego are giving away a pair of sunglasses each week in October. Try on a pair of RAEN sunglasses at a participating Sun Diego store and post a photo to Instagram wearing your favorite pair. Tag #ThroughTheEyes of @RAEN at @sundiegoboardsh
September 23, 2015
Sun Diego Am Slam 2015 Finale
Come hang out with us this weekend at the Sun Diego Am Slam Contest Series Finale at Seaside Reef in Cardiff, CA.   #ThroughTheEyes of Woody Gooch
August 18, 2015
Seconds With Josh Harmony
RAEN Ambassador Josh Harmony is not only an amazing skateboarder but a multi-talented artist as well. From jamming with his band, Freckles, to spending time in the studio crafting quirky sayings and figures on refurbished pieces of wood - he pav
August 11, 2015
Seconds with Brian Hansen
Seconds with RAEN ambassador and all out street machine Brian Hansen. Video #ThroughTheEyes of Bob Hoste Photos #ThroughTheEyes of Jenavieve Belair
May 12, 2015
Oceanside, CA
RAEN ambassador Brian Hansen totes around Oceanside CA with his dogs close to his side.  Through The Eyes of Jenavieve Belair Check out Brian Hansen's signature frame The Vista 
January 27, 2015
Best of 2014 Through The Eyes of Brooks Sterling
Over the years Brooks has perfected his talent one shot at a time. We are proud to call him an ambassador and love getting lost in his abstract images. Here is the best of 2014 #ThroughTheEyes of Brooks Sterling 
September 29, 2014
Around Town with Josh Harmony
Not only is Josh Harmony a father, husband and amazing skateboarder, but he is also a geniune human. We got to follow him around his town, Long Beach Ca, for the day with RAEN photographer Jenavieve Belair, two amazing people. Keep your ears open for
September 08, 2014
Monster Children Photo Competition
RAEN ambassador Dane Peterson has entered three amazing photos into the Annual Monster Children Photo Competition. You too can enter your photos into six different categories; Travel, Music, Girls, Action, Lifestyle and Student. Click here to enter y
September 03, 2014
Through The Eyes: Steve Sherman
"Steve Sherman approaches his work with raw enthusiasm. He’s able to capture his subjects most private movements with a insider point of view. Sherman is a hunter and gatherer, traveling the globe on a creative mission." - Justin Heit
July 02, 2014
Brian Hansen x RAEN
Beards, ditches, titties, and the all-new Vista frame are just about as complementary as they come. And when you're a badass like Brian Hansen, there is no coincidence that all these things fall together much more often than they do not. The release
June 23, 2014
The Years Go Fast And The Days Go So Slow
Summer is here, finally. Your Vitamin D levels are being replinished, your hair is growing, and the color of your skin is increasingly becoming a shade darker. The days are for drifters and the nights for lovers. Here is an edit from RAEN's good
May 16, 2014
Down in the Ditches of a Friendly Sea
Check out RAEN Ambassador's Tomorrow's Tulips and friends The Growlers captured Through The Eyes of Taylor Bonin in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. 
December 11, 2013
RAEN Welcomes Josh Harmony
RAEN is announcing their new skate program with the addition of Josh Harmony to their community of ambassadors. While the brand is rooted in surf, RAEN Creative Director Justin Heit says the skate industry represents a growing interest for the eyewea
July 02, 2010
Monster Children Issue 27
New Monster Children now available!